lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Coltrane topics, vol. 3

“I’d like to point out that during the last year of Coltrane’s life, he began to feel that there shouldn’t be liner notes written. He felt basically that everyone that wrote liners was really saying the same thing over and over again. How much more can you say and how much more can you try to educate the buyer as to what he was playin? He felt that all he wanted to do is play it, record it and issue it, and those that want to buy it, buy it. With no explanations...”

(declaración del productor Bob Thiele a la revista de jazz canadiense Coda en mayo de 1968; recogida por el periodista Frank Kofsky en sus liner notes para el disco de John Coltrane Selflessness featuring My Favorite Things, publicado por Impulse! en 1969.)

The Impulse! Albums: volume four

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